Paper #1: Politics Online
This assignment asks you to look at the web sites of several candidates for political offices in Massachusetts.  Look at the nature of their sites, what content appears on the site, how candidates use their web sites, and how dynamic (regularly updated) the site appears to be.

Republican, Democratic and "Other" Candidates

Deval Patrick (D-Gov.)

Charlie Baker (R-Gov.)

Tim Cahill (I-Gov.)

Jill Stein (Green/Rainbow-Gov.)

Bill Keating (Mass., D-10th Congressional)

Jeff Perry (Mass., R-10th Congressional)

Barney Frank (Mass., D-4th Congressional)

Sean Bielat (Mass., R-4th Congressional)

John F. Tierney (Mass., D-6th Congressional)

Bill Hudak (Mass., R-6th Congressional)

Select six of these candidates to analyze, and look at their main web site (I'm feeling generous, so I've even given them to you above). You should look at the site for content, usability, currency, etc.  Try to find issues and answers.  See if the site includes some way to sign up for regular updates.  Look at the site to determine overall quality of it as a sort of marketing site (because that’s really what it is) for these candidates.

Please address the following questions, explaining and providing examples as appropriate. Base your answers on the candidate and major political party sites above: