Deb and Mike's
"No, we're not Cajun,
but we do have leftovers" Jambalaya


Feeds 20-25 fans
(depending on what else is available for dinner, if there have been munchies served beforehand, etc.)

To make this, you really need a cauldron.  Or at least a large vat.  We have a 5-gallon, heavy-bottomed, stainless steel brewpot, and a wicked long wooden spoon. (You do need a heavy-bottomed pan; one of those thin, white-enameled wussy things won't work.)  

Melt the butter and add the corn oil to it. Dump in all of the chicken breast cubes (or cubist shapes) and sauté
until sort of browned.  Remove the chicken to a large bowl (use a slotted spoon, because you'll need the excess oil).  To this hot oil, add the onions, scallions, garlic, red pepper, and celery.  If you are using uncooked pork for any of the "miscellaneous pork," add it at this point and cook with the veggies.  Otherwise, just cook the veggies together, muttering "my, that looks lovely," and "will you smell that?"   Sauté until veggies are golden and meat is sort of cooked.

Dump the chicken back in.  And all of the pork.  And the spices.  And the tomatoes.  And the rice.  You'll add about 3 bottles of beer or about 4 cups of extra liquid.  Use up that BudCoorsMillerPabst(Milwaukee'sFinest) someone brought to your last party and nobody drank.  Now's the time. Take a wooden spoon and give this all a good stir.  You have now had your aerobic work-out for the day.  Pat everything down, so all of the rice is below the liquid, more or less.

Cook.  For a while.  Have a few non-expendable beers.  Eventually, this will come up to a simmer.  Have a couple more beers.  This will cook at a simmer for about 45 minutes.  You want it done, but you want the rice to retain some body, too.  About 30 minutes into a 45-minute cooking time, add the shrimp, pushing them all down into the liquid.  They'll cook up just fine.

Correct seasoning with salt, pepper, and Tabasco sauce TM.2

Serve with beers.


This is a leftover dish.  It was created as a way to spice up and use up meat, extending it with rice and veg.  So, several things should be remembered:


1The recipe actually calls for green pepper.  But Mark and Priscilla Olson (past Minicon Fan Guests) are good friends who usually eat this dish with us, and they believe green bell peppers are poison.  So we use red...the flavor's the same, and everybody's happy.


2Remember that it's easier to add heat than to take it out.  Don't over-correct on the Tabasco; serve the dish with hot sauces and let people happily do the screaming Cajun macho thing.