Reading Assignments

Week 2: Digital Democracy

Please read The Future of E-Democracy:  the 50 year plan
And also The Maturing Concept of e-Democracy

Week 3: Minority Report

A look at new technologies and the Philippine Women's Party.

Week 4: US Digital Advantage

Race, gender, and information technology use: the new digital divide

Week 5: Blogs: who, what, where, why...and monetizing them

There are thousands of articles just like this one about how to make money with a blog. But, when push comes to shove, it is still likely that you won't make a lot of money unless you have something people actually want to read/see/hear about/watch.

Week 7: Gay community changes

This article looks at whether gay communities are shrinking - or merely shifting their focus in an online world.

Week 10: Protecting children online

This article on "Zoning the Internet" looks at one way to provide for protection of children online. How useful do you find this approach? What are your qualms with the author's suggestions?

Week 11: When things go viral

This is not a's a "listening." Here is a panel on "Going Viral in a Social Marketing World." Please listen to it.

Week 14: Disabilities and the Digital Divide

This 2006 paper looks at continuing issues for those with physical disabilities and their unique digital divide.


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