Written/Other Assignments


Week 1: Email Assignment

Please send me electronic mail, indicating your name, preferred telephone number, and concentration in the M.A. in Communication program. Send this email to dgeisler@suffolk.edu.

Thank you!

Week 2: Digital Democracy

Paper #1 asks you to look at the ways in which candidates are using the web for reaching their voters.

Week 4: Just a survey

This survey is ungraded...as long as you actually take it.

Week 5: Web 2.0 and You!

Your second paper assignment asks you to look at the blogosphere...from the inside.


Week 8: Cyberfaith

This is your third paper assignment, due November 12.


Week 12:

This is your fourth paper assignment (.doc), due December 2. (And in HTML.)


Week 14:

For our final class on 9 December, you get to teach.

Select one area of topical concern for the elderly and discuss how the online elderly community is educated about the subject, what kinds of resources exist unique to the elderly community, what organizations are related to the area, and find (and discuss) 7-10 web locations (including non-web community resources like blogs, mailing lists, and groups) that illustrate your point.

Some topics include (but are not limited to):

  • investment issues

  • real estate and retirement communities

  • health concerns

  • dating

  • family concerns

  • hobbies

  • travel

  • political activism

  • community service


This presentation should be polished and rehearsed; each presentation should be not more than 10 minutes long.


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